At heart,the WAI is about making a habit of making work.

It’s an opportunity to create a substantial, focused body of work and build relationships with a diverse group of fellow artists.

But even more important, it’s designed to form a habit of creation that will allow you to create in the context of your daily life, for a lifetime.


The WAI welcomes serious artists from all disciplines. Many arts programs segregate by genre, but we believe fine artists can learn as much or more from writers, dancers, and songwriters as they do from other fine artists – and vice versa.

This cross-genre approach creates a unique community, offers fresh perspectives for all artists, encourages collaboration, and offers a cure for the growing fragmentation of the modern world.


Over the course of twelve weeks, the WAI artists choose a project, set specific goals, and commit to consistent work with every other week group meetings for inspiration and accountability.

The fundamental commitment is not to attend a program, but to make art.

The final goal is not to complete a project, but to form a habit of art creation that will last a lifetime.



Setting attainable goals and putting a plan together to reach those goals is what the program is founded upon. Week one is dedicated to really looking at what you as an artist want to have accomplished by the end of the 12 weeks. These goals are the blueprint you will follow until the end.


Attending the meetings are mandatory. That means carving out time from your busy schedule to make sure you are there. The meetings are designed to be the accountability part of the program. At every meeting you need to be prepared to give an update on your progress.


Tracking the results is a major component of the program. You’ll keep track of the hours you spend working on your art as well as your results. Measuring your progress motivates you to keep going and to develop good working habits.


Every WAI group is unique, and the WAI program is flexible to meet the needs of different artists in different areas. But these are some guidelines that will help you in creating your group.

Size: Six people is an ideal size for the WAI group. Although individual leaders are welcome to be flexible in size, because of the fourteen-week program design, there are only 6 slots for artists to share their work with the group, and the smaller size encourages deep and open discussions.

Artistic Commitment: WAI groups can work with artists at any stage, but work best when all artists are at a similar level of commitment and proficiency. Emerging artists should be grouped with other emerging artists, and established artists with other established artists. There’s room for range within the program, but keep in mind that people who are just starting out in the arts, or consider them a hobby, may be frustrated by being in groups with more serious practitioners, and vice versa.

Diversity: A diversity of perspectives makes the program rich. Look for diversity in gender, age, race, artistic discipline, and faith background.


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